First Aid Kit Anti-crisis
Self Promotion
Crisis, Crisis, Crisis. Maybe it will be one of the more words you search on Google in 2012.
E 'for this reason that in an era like the one we are going through, just some tricks to create or even increase market demand for products and services.
Hence the idea of "First Aid Kit Anti-Crisis" for companies.
Little great "pearls of wisdom" to avoid the most common mistakes that 90% of companies are committing, causing damage to the health of their business.
First Aid Kit Anti-Crisis.
Pills "wisdom" to cure the crisis
Remember that the marketing materials represents your image. Is your business card. You will be judged by the brand your brochure and web projects,advertising campaigns, before they can even meet face to face with your potential customers.
Do not miss the chance of making a good impression
Even in difficult times continue to show you, no one else will.
Communicate with advertising operations in this time of crisis, while competitors are silent, it means collect twice the visibility and consensus.
In a market where everyone screams to the crisis, better to talk about solutions.
Cut the budget communication is equivalent to amputate a part of your body.Have preferences on which to cut?
If you do not believe in your business enough to invest in a period of crisis, why should they believe consumers?
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